How I Can Serve you

Virtual Bookkeeping Services

1. Help you get on track

I will analyze your current system and processes, and will provide you solutions for your needs, as well as advice and support to improve what you already have implemented for your business. I will also clean up all your old transactions and update your information for you to have fresh books to start improving and optimizing your time and business. 

2. Keep your day to day operations up to date

I will continue supporting you monthly, doing everything you don’t have the time to do. Starting from the smallest of your transactions like a Credit Card Expense to managing your accounts receivables, cash flow, end of the year reports, etc. Every business is different so I offer customized packages to suit your needs.

3. Generate the reports and information you need

At the end of each month, we will organize a video conference where I will present you with the financial reports you need to manage your business. You will leave each meeting with the necessary information to make decisions. I will help you reach your goals and stay on target.

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