Sofa Bookkeeping

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Where you can sit down and invest your time in growing your business while I manage your books!

Benefits of hiring me!

Optimize and Save your Time

Are you tired of working on the weekends, or simply using your time in doing your own books? and organizing invoices and expenses? Don’t you want to invest your time in growing your business? I can help you with that! I will do what I love which is working with your books, while you can do what you love which is keep growing your business!

Save Money

The annual wage average of a full time bookkeeping professional is $40,000 plus taxes and benefits, this is equivalent to $4,000 per month. Your investment in hiring me will represent significant savings for you and your business.

Access to your Finances on the Go 24/7

The software I use is cloud base, which will give you access on your phone, tablet and computer, 24/7. You can also upload receipts with your phone at any time.

Tax Deduction

My services are Tax Deductable for your business!!

No more reports without explanation

Every month we will meet and I will present to you Financial Reports explaining exactly what they mean to your business. When the meeting is over, you should have a complete picture of your current situation and what to do next.

Accurate Record Keeping

Always On Time

I will keep your records up to date in a monthly basis

Hard Working

I am very detailed oriented person and a perfectionist, so you can rely on the information I will provide you

Always Available

Call me or send me an email and I will answer in less than 24 hrs

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